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Sep 22, 2020

Welcome to the Full Service Podcast!

This week I take a trip 'Down Under' and sit down with Jett Black, a sex worker and the CEO of Sweet Release, an Adult Entertainment Marketing and PR agency. We discuss everything from his start in the industry escorting in Sydney, to his love of performing drag, using his knowledge of the adult industry and expertise in marketing to form Sweet Release, the creation of X-Awards Australia, Covid's impact on the Adult Industry in Australia, and so much more. This interview with Jett was so much fun and I know you'll enjoy it!

You can follow Sweet Release on Twitter at @SweetReleaseau_ and Jett at @JettBlackau. Check out their website here. You can follow Full Service on IG & Twitter at @fullservicepod. You can follow me on Twitter at @tankfunkadelic. If you would like to be on the podcast or would like me to share your story, email us at

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Intro/Outro: John Ricatelli